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Khor Al-Zubair port is considered one of the vital ports in Iraq, the port is located in Basra Governorate, southern of Iraq, and the alliance of Ardh Al moheet and Wahej Al Thuraya has rehabilitated it’s berths No. (10,11), the total length of the two berths (560 m).



Berth 11, which is 220 m in length, has been designated for importing gasoline and gas oil.
Whereas, berth (10) is divided into two main parts. Part (A) of berth is 150 m in length and Part (B) 190 m. Both of them are used to export Gas oil and naphtha.


Within the berths (11,10) are built of  concrete installations based on a group of tube pillars embedded in the bottom of the beach with a depth of (30-40 m) and can receiveing three tankers with a capacity of (50,000) tons, each berth rises above the average water surface by (7 m) and ranges in width  (22 m) with entrances to the coast, and there are (3) entrances.


The surfaces of the berths and entrances shall be coated with concrete and an asphalt layer with a thickness of (10 cm). The depth of the water in the berths reaches 12 m at the lowest level of the tide and there are special yards  that accommodate more than (2000) trucks .


Just as the berths with all their facilities are subject to an integrated security system managed by specialized cadres, as well as that the two berths are surrounded by a security fence and monitoring systems through cameras dedicated to ports that work with modern technologies.


The HSE safety system has been activated inside the two berths, which includes fire alarm and extinguishing systems and all internationally approved safety requirements.


This came with the work of cadres and the recruitment of highly qualified experts working within international standards, as the alliance of the two companies of Ardh Almoheet and the Wahj Althuraya, who worked to rehabilitate all the infrastructure of the two berths through distinguished professional cadres and use the latest technologies to complete the services effectively and with high quality, and the work of the development of the two berths is continuing.  Before them, in order to enhance the international status of the berths.

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